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That's what she always said.

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Name:Beverly Katz
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
What Beverly Katz thinks you should know about her, in no particular order:
  • She works for the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, as a crime scene investigator with an emphasis on hair and fiber analysis.
  • Technically her title is "Special Agent" and yes, she is very proud of that.
  • She is very good at her job.
  • She's Jewish.
  • She's Korean.
  • Her favorite color is oxblood, she takes her coffee black, and no, she does not know karate.
  • She believes what the evidence tells her. Period.
  • ETA: As of these events, she comes from an alternate version of the Hannibal-verse, which branches off from the end of "Takiawase."
  • She is also missing the middle, ring, and pinky fingers on her right hand. Sometimes she wears a prosthetic. (For a sense of how convincing that might be, you can view an example here. No gore, but there are pictures of hands that have had partial or whole finger amputations.)

Beverly Katz is from NBC's Hannibal, adapted from Thomas Harris' Red Dragon, and is the property of NBC, Thomas Harris, Bryan Fuller, etc. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

[Mun behind the curtain is [personal profile] adiva_calandia. While Beverly isn't dangerous the same way many of her co-workers are, she does come from a singularly gruesome canon, and works to catch singularly gruesome serial killers. Get her talking about work and things may get horrifying. If you ever have a concern or question, shoot me an email or IM!]
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